‘The Pointless Revolution!’ by Paul Ransom now an ePub eBook

Everytime Press is exceptionally happy to announce the ePub eBook publication of The Pointless Revolution! The Economics of Doing Whatever You Want by Paul Ransom.

Find it in paperback and now in ePub.

Other eBook formats coming soon …

So … what is The Pointless Revolution! about?

… if all you really have left is time – how will you spend it?

‘The Pointless Revolution!’ is the ultimate lifestyle heresy. It turns economics, self-help and philosophy upside down. It promises neither enlightenment, salvation or utopia; nor does it require purity or genius. Yet, by striking a new bargain with time and re-evaluating our most primal fears, it paves the way for everyday freedom and genuine self-authorship.

Audacious and counter-intuitive, this personal and cultural revolution overthrows commonplace fantasies, fairy tales and addictions. By switching off the legislated lifestyle megaphone and challenging the authority of gods, brand ambassadors and social norms, ‘The Pointless Revolution!’ is pure existential weight loss, an intellectual and spiritual de-clutter that will get you spring cleaning your entire life.

A playful, irreverent and timely rebellion against the 24/7 ‘musts’ of consumerism, status seeking and spiritual correctness.

Find snippets of The Pointless Revolution! by clicking here.