a taste of ‘The Pointless Revolution!’

from The Pointless Revolution! by Paul Ransom

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… the aim of this book is to get economical with normally spiritual matters – and vice versa – and so in order to stick to that heretical brief and deliver on the promise of the above I have done what the financial wizards so often do and resorted to alchemy. from The Dodgy Mathematics Of Potential Happiness

Suppose the looming certainty of your death gave you the ultimate imprimatur: a licence to live without fear. from Time For Living

By an act of grand hubristic delusion we have largely convinced ourselves that we live in a universe that parallels our own tiny experience … from The Narrative Palliative

… the real spark for sustainable change and the increased potential for broadly based happiness burns deeper in the psyche. For it is one thing to accept a well-constructed argument, it’s another to unearth the energy to do anything about it. from The Authenticity Channel

The arrogant, solipsistic New Age manifestation mantra (the whole universe is a reflection of me and is somehow there to grant my wishes, if only I ask it nicely) is, in my opinion, little more than pseudo-spiritual narcissism, and a grandiose self-centrism that borders on hubris. A kind of neo-liberalism for the greedy soul that reduces the cosmos to a shopping mall. from The Belief Brief

In other words, I will prosper by doing what I can to help others prosper and, more generally, if the wider society in which I live is viable, functional and plural enough to allow me the scope to indulge my various proclivities and walk around without an oppressive fear of murder, rape and abduction. from Ethical Investment In A Meaningless Void

… it’s easy to see how sado-masochistic our commoditised, fetishised achievement cult has become. In the dungeon of incessant striving, the doms and subs whip one another into a frenzied cycle of fleeting success and ritual humiliation. from The Attainment Fetish

At their psycho-emotional core every après-vie and reincarnation story and most of the we’re all portals of the one consciousness explanations I’ve ever encountered are really just thinly disguised rescue missions for the ego. from Time For Living

After all, it is easier to be a whinging infant bemoaning the unfair restrictions of the parental/external than it is to accept full adult responsibility. from The Emancipation Equation

Why do we offer up our best years to perform tasks we’d rather not for arseholes we don’t really like? … What drives us to keep postponing the life we would rather lead in order to uphold a Faustian pact with money, status and objects? from Hourglass Economics

In fact, if the upshot of working out the ultimate reason for life, the universe and everything is simply to confirm me as an accountability dodging slave, unredeemable sinner/victim or anaesthetised time server … enlightenment be damned. from The People’s Republic Of Pointlessness

For all our post-millennium sophistication we remain under the influence of primitive gravity. from The Dodgy Mathematics Of Potential Happiness

You know damn well that a shiny new car or luxury apartment won’t fulfil you … So why are you spending your time chasing it? from Hourglass Economics

Given that you already know that most of what you strive for has no real or far reaching value and ultimately won’t really deliver soul deep happiness, the obvious next question is: why bother? from The Attainment Fetish

So, although we may have no way of perceiving the universe as it truly is, the fact is that the universe also includes our anthropogenic delusions. Includes the experience we call living and identity. Includes the sensation I am currently having of typing out words I thought of just then and the awareness/consciousness event of you reading them. from The Authenticity Channel

As action-oriented animals purpose-less idling strikes us as boring at best, suicidally nihilistic at worst, and rarely, if ever, fulfilling … Because meaning is slavery and self-importance is a masochistic self-punishment device. from The Narrative Palliative

Beliefs which translate as command, or which have the effect of continuously whipping you or tethering you to the obligations legislated by customs, families or deities … are simply not worth sticking with. from The Belief Brief

True, our social and gendered animality hardwires a compulsion to belong – and indeed plays a pivotal role in forming our very notion of identity – but surely, as adults, once we consciously acknowledge and understand these evolutionary drivers, we should no longer be such obvious suckers for the parental/external and its endless should narratives. from Time For Living

All the while we cling onto beliefs that tell us that we have to get a steady job, upgrade the phone or wax our genitals to a pre-pubescent shine, we are effectively talking ourselves into a state of helplessness. from The Emancipation Equation

Furthermore, the Pointless Revolution is about existential courage. It’s about taking responsibility and accepting uncertainty with equanimity … None of that sounds especially like copping out to me. from The People’s Republic Of Pointlessness

Indeed, the cult of the individual that we in the West have been incrementally enshrining since the advent of industrialisation can also be regarded as part of a broadly based desire to pretend we’re not really social animals. That we don’t live in co-dependent and mutually beneficial relationship with one another and, by extension, the rest of the biosphere. from Ethical Investment In A Meaningless Void

It doesn’t take a genius or a conspiracy theorist to work out that in place of truly self-authored meaning and fulfilment we have wheeled in money, power, status, honour and the hubris of spiritual superiority. Even though these externally mandated predilections have their roots in the basic fact of our belonging to a mortal simian herd, they have nonetheless propelled us to create an ecologically unstable, abstract society that routinely mistakes the ownership of shiny objects for happiness and has a bewildering habit for ideological excess and genocide. from The Dodgy Mathematics Of Potential Happiness

At its core, meaning is a survival tool – it’s about navigating the uncertain terrain of life. from The People’s Republic Of Pointlessness

So, whilst purists and ideologues will bang on about truth, morality or divine higher purpose as the motivation for adopting and sticking to a bunch of beliefs, what I’d like to suggest is that happiness is a perfectly adequate reason for investing in a suite of belief. from The Belief Brief

Like me, many of you are probably already asking yourself what you really want from your remaining years. What really matters to you? from Hourglass Economics

Of course, what the new sexy brand fascists will never tell you is that if your life can be a stellar success it can also be an epic fail. Imagine the horror of being on your death bed and thinking that your very life was not up to scratch. from The Attainment Fetish

In a very real way, most Westerners live in a permanently infantile state – at once pampered into believing they’re “so fucking special” and yet almost entirely dependent on forms of parental/external authorisation to make them feel secure and give them a reason to keep working, go shopping and refrain from blowing their brains out. from The Narrative Palliative

Each act of violence is just that, an act. It’s people who are responsible for this shit – not systems. Not the machines we’ve invented or the Gods we made up. from The Emancipation Equation

Imagine the colossal expenditure in nervous energy, firearms and electric perimeter fencing required to maintain life and liberty in a truly dog eat dog world. I mean, fuck, it’s just not worth it. from Ethical Investment In A Meaningless Void

This is much less about vibrating ourselves to heavenly superbness and far more about being happier and freer now. On Earth. So yeah, do the deep reflecting stuff by all means but don’t forget to readjust that work/life balance and ditch the fuckwit boyfriend while you’re at it. from The Authenticity Channel