‘School Daze’ is released in paperback

School Daze, a poetry and literature-based program for teachers of 10 to 13 year olds devised by Irene Buckler, has now been released in paperback. Based on hands-on teaching experience and tried and tested on students, School Daze is a poetic narrative that follows the (mis)adventures of its memorable characters in various classroom settings, studying … Continue reading ‘School Daze’ is released in paperback

‘Perro Callejero’ launch

Author Darren Howman standing in front of a wall of Perro Callejero covers at the Auckland launch of Perro Callejero, his travel memoir about 9 months backpacking through Latin America by boat, (skate)board and bus ... out now from Everytime Press in paperback and ePub eBook (with Kindle eBook to come). paperback - https://bit.ly/PerroPB ePub … Continue reading ‘Perro Callejero’ launch

‘Sydneyside Reflections’ at Flash Frontier

Excited for Flash Frontier to publish its interview with Mark Crimmins about his book Sydneyside Reflections (out now from Everytime Press in paperback and ePub). Thanks to Michelle Elvy, magazine's founder and editor for the opportunity! Purchase Sydneyside Reflections by clicking here. Find the interview by clicking here: https://www.flash-frontier.com/2020/09/30/crimmins-sydneyside/ Find a taste of Sydneyside Reflections … Continue reading ‘Sydneyside Reflections’ at Flash Frontier