The In-Betweens


to be published in August 2018, a memoir of growing up caught between two cultures

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The In-Betweens will be available in a number of formats including  paperback  /  ePub  /  iBookstore  /  Amazon Kindle  /  Kobobooks  /  B & N NOOKBook



What people are saying about THE IN-BETWEENS

The In-Betweens veers, tonally, into fables and then into fairytale, all without leaving the very real world Loeb grew up in. We are transported, moved, given new lenses with which to view what we thought we already knew. Loeb’s incisive, yet lyrical, voice is our guide, encouraging us to savor each turn of phrase, every observation, and the greater narrative arc of this collection.

~ Yi Shun Lai, Prose Editor of Tahoma Literary Review and author of the novel Not a Self-Help Book: the Misadventures of Marty Wu