Lenin’s Asylum

by A. A. Weiss

to be published in June 2018, a memoir of two years spent in Moldova, Lenin’s Asylum

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What people are saying about Lenin’s Asylum

Like many Peace Corps volunteers, A. A. Weiss was sent to serve in a country that did not exist when he was born. Moldova? Part of the magic of the volunteer experience is that a place you’ve never thought about becomes your entire world for two long years. Weiss writes beautifully, and in Lenin’s Asylum he brings the post-Soviet society to life, with humor, keen observation, and compassion.

~ Peter Hessler, author of River Town and Oracle Bones


In spare and evocative prose, A. A. Weiss takes us to a country many of us will never visit, and in the process, shows us the simple joys and love that can be found in a place where life is neither simple nor easy. This is a generous, sometimes funny—and always loving—memoir of Peace Corps life that asks hard questions about the utility of volunteerism—and answers them with the beauty of the bonds formed between strangers across cultures.

~ Kelly Grey Carlisle, author of We Are All Shipwrecks