All Roads Lead from Massilia

by  Philip Kobylarz

A sense memory travelogue about Marseille … deep and lush and inviting and evocative …

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published September 2017

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soft full-colour cover  /  272 pages

ISBN:  978-1-925536-27-0

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What people are saying about All Roads Lead from Massilia

Kobylarz’s reflections on terraces, baked delicacies, Cézanne, the essence of walls, the erotic life, poverty and Super Gluing one’s shoes, French doors, the hazards of solitude, café contemplation, hiking, the birth echo of caves with “crystals like immediate stars,” leave the reader with the overall absorbed sensuality and meteorology of the landscape remaining, against most odds, among the lasting values of a sane, enthusiastic, contemplative life-affirming sensibility.

~ Doren Robbins, author of Twin Extra, Amnesty Muse, and Parking Lot Mood Swing


All Roads Lead from Massilia takes readers on a journey through geographical, cultural, and emotional landscapes in a hologram of words that reveal the ghosts of France while rooted to American comparisons Kobylarz so desperately tries to unroot. Kobylarz creates Baudrillard’s America in reverse with his vignettes of wandering the streets and sewers of Paris, or his rural span of the French countryside and the people who inhabit them on the surface and down below.

~ Kerry Hillis Goff, author of When the Haunted are Favored


These short excursions into the many Frances Philip Kobylarz knows and loves are complete in themselves and add up to one traveler’s intelligent, visceral, immediate appreciation of French culture. A tonic getaway for the weary and jaded, this is both a cheap vacation, and a rich one. I loved it. All Roads Lead from Massilia is engrossing and palpable.

~ Stephen D. Gutierrez, author of The Mexican Man in His Backyard, Stories & Essays