‘The In-Betweens’ review at Independent Book Review

Davon Loeb's memoir The In-Betweens has been reviewed at Independent Book Review. "Many chapters–often, I think, the most pleasurable to read–are descriptive narratives that hold their own weight. They are the big important splotches of impression that flash through our minds but don’t fit neatly into our “stories” of ourselves." Find Sean Alan Cleary's full … Continue reading ‘The In-Betweens’ review at Independent Book Review

Davon Loeb in ‘Patch’ and ‘Medford Sun’

Davob Loeb and his memoir The In-Betweens have been featured in two more articles recently. "When taking standardized tests in school, Davon Loeb was unsure how to identify himself. Loeb, of Medford, is of biracial descent, and he didn't grow up around a lot of people like him." Read more of this article in Patch … Continue reading Davon Loeb in ‘Patch’ and ‘Medford Sun’